Self-Winding Spiral Pasta/Spaghetti Fork

Pasta and spaghetti are dishes that everyone eats. Unfortunately, they can be messy and time-consuming to eat properly, due to the length of the noodles. This is where the Self-Winding Spiral Pasta/Spaghetti fork comes in. This fork differentiates itself from standard eating forks by twisting the spaghetti noodles around the fork in one smooth motion. All it takes is a simple swipe of the hand down the length of the fork and your noodles will be ready to eat.

Homes Made From Shipping Containers

Shipping container apartments

In a society that is increasingly becoming more space efficient, many people are turning to using shipping containers as a form of residence. The containers offer an industrial and modern style for an interior that can be transformed into viable living quarters that feature hardwood floors, overhead lighting, and even a patio cover for the front porch.

The bold and innovative use of the shipping container makes for a unique design that can even feature wraparound windows for stunning views of the outdoors. Some of the containers also come with multiple levels for a functional space that is spacious and serves several purposes.

The shipping containers are often painted different colors on the exterior, making for a modern and trendy design that is specific to the homeowner’s preference. With custom windows, entryways, and features, it can make for an incredible space that is truly a new way to enjoy home sweet home.

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Breadmakers / Bread Machines

Bread machines are ordinary kitchen appliances, you will find them in any home appliance store. But what is amazing about them is that they almost don’t require human intervention – they are fully automatic. Just add ingredients into the bread pan and turn on your bread maker. It mixes the ingredients into the dough. It heats to the proper temperature to rise the dough. No need to worry about overcooking or burning – it turns off according to the settings and the result is always freshly baked bread with a crisp, crunchy crust. The only bad thing about bread-makers is that they, unfortunately, don’t clean themselves.

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Anti-theft Lunch Bags

Anti-theft lunch bags

No sandwich is safe in the vicinity of hungry, unruly coworkers and classmates. Protect your latest culinary creation with an anti-theft lunch bag! These standard sized zipper lock sandwich bags feature a smattering of mold in an unappetizing greenish hue that is sure to deter any pesky sandwich scavengers. Both reusable and resealable, keeping your sandwich safe and secure until lunchtime has never been easier. Potentially the best thing since sliced bread, your biggest challenge now will be resisting eating your own well-disguised sandwich for breakfast!

Onion Keeper / Saver

Onion Keeper / Saver

Although I think that there cannot be too much onion (or garlic) in my food, most people do, and sometimes find themselves with a bit of leftover. There is no reason to throw out a half of a perfectly good onion. But it is not a good idea to keep uncovered cut onions in the refrigerator, they will quickly get stale and lose their flavor. And, more importantly, who wants their refrigerator, including all food in it, to smell like onion?

There are ways to keep onion fresh and avoid smelling up the fridge. Roll it up in a plastic wrap or into a plastic sandwich bag (sometimes it is necessary to do both to completely contain the odor.) But the most elegant and reliable solution will be this “Onion Saver“.

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Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

This product is more fun than practical. In fact, I say it is completely impractical. At first, one may think that this device can save a few valuable seconds, but in reality, I think, it will take more time to clean this banana slicer than rinse a knife. Also, it is another item that needs to be stored somewhere among your other kitchen utensils. On the other hand, if you like fun stuff and require that your bananas perfectly sliced to the same width – this may be the perfect solution.

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