USBCELL Rechargeable AA Batteries

USBCELL Rechargeable Batteries

A revolutionary rechargeable battery is taking off like a storm. The USBCell AA battery is a NiMH battery with a profound difference – the top folds back to reveal a USB connector. It can be plugged in to any USB port to charge small electronics such as game players, or used as a regular AA battery with the top closed. To charge, simply plug in the USB connector to any port and charge. No need for expensive chargers, solar or grid powered. Best of all, it is eco-friendly; rechargeable means fewer batteries being thrown into landfills. The USBCell makes it easier than ever to have power when you need it.

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USB Humping Dog

USB Humping Dogs don’t have any practical qualities – they are not flash drives and do not possess any actual storage capacity. What do they do? These toys make passionate love to the USB port. You simply plug one in your USB port and it starts to… amuse those who see it and brings a smile to their face. It makes a great office humor swag or can be a good gift for a geek in your life.

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