USB Humping Dog

USB Humping Dogs don’t have any practical qualities – they are not flash drives and do not possess any actual storage capacity. What do they do? These toys make passionate love to the USB port. You simply plug one in your USB port and it starts to… amuse those who see it and brings a smile to their face. It makes a great office humor swag or can be a good gift for a geek in your life.

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Breadmakers / Bread Machines

Bread machines are ordinary kitchen appliances, you will find them in any home appliance store. But what is amazing about them is that they almost don’t require human intervention – they are fully automatic. Just add ingredients into the bread pan and turn on your bread maker. It mixes the ingredients into the dough. It heats to the proper temperature to rise the dough. No need to worry about overcooking or burning – it turns off according to the settings and the result is always freshly baked bread with a crisp, crunchy crust. The only bad thing about bread-makers is that they, unfortunately, don’t clean themselves.

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The Sada Bike – Spokeless Folding Bicycle

The Sada Bike - Spokeless Folding Bicycle

The ultimate folding bicycle is innovative in design as well as attractive and easy-to-transport. Enter the Sada Bike with its spoke-free wheels, closing frame, and packaging container/backpack. Mobility is key with this model. The small, folding bicycle can be taken wherever a person needs to go, making transportation eco-friendly and accessible at all times. Said to revolutionize the world of folding bikes, the Sada Bike aims to make folding the bike easy by reducing the number of steps needed to do just that. One fold and it can be stowed in its packaging container/backpack.